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Welcome Renewal

Welcome to the NEW NIHOA Online Registration Process - This page is for Returning Members Only

NEW this year: The registration process starts here with the collection of $50 towards your portion of NIHOA National dues - payment by credit card, debit card or echeck.  Once payment has been received and you have selected your local NIHOA Chapter, you will receive a confirmation email and notification will also be sent to your chapter for local processing.

Your NIHOA registration is NOT complete until you meet all your local chapter requirements - you will receive additional follow-up information from your local NIHOA Chapter shortly defining local dues and requirements to complete your registration for the 2019-20 season.

National NIHOA dues are non-refundable - In the event, an official doesn't meet all local NIHOA Chapter requirements no refunds will be issued.

NEW APPLICANTS should use the "NIHOA Registration: NEW Applicant 2019-20" registration and follow the steps to start the application process.

Registration Support
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