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President's Letter

September 2015


Dear NIHOA Members,

                     The entire National NIHOA Board would like to welcome all returning members along with new incoming members to what we anticipate will be a successful 2015-2016 officiating season.

            Our annual meeting, in Manchester NH, this past March was very well received and attended. My goal going forward though is for more general members to attend the annual meeting. The annual meeting is not just for chapter board members. All members are also encouraged to bring family members with you. I would like all members to be aware that there are tickets available for sale to attend the three regional NCAA tournament games that coincide with the location, which this year is Albany NY. These tickets are reasonably priced usually less than $80 which gets you in to three games. These tickets are basically center ice and the best tickets in the building. After the annual meeting there is a buffet luncheon served to all members in attendance. There is also a hospitality room set up during the weekend so everyone can meet and greet along with networking. It is a great weekend to meet other officials from across the country.

            In Memoriam: Unfortunately, we have lost some long time members this year: Bob Powers and Jim Rourke of the South Shore, Andy”The Cloud”Hennigar of Eastern Mass, and Bob Collins of Central Mass. I apologize if I have missed anyone. Please take a moment to say a prayer for these members and their families. RIP

           NIHOA’s web page,, is in its third year of operation as part ofArbiter.  The web pages are the place to find information pertaining to NIHOA, from administrative tools to on ice mechanics. Basically, it has replaced our directory and manual that was provided in years past in booklet form. I encourage all members to use and explore it, you will find everything you need to be successful at the site. If you have ideas on how we can better utilize the site do not hesitate to pass your ideas on to any national board member or through the site.

            It is important for all officials to enjoy what we do. This is a great game played within a small community of players, coaches, and most importantly officials. Please be mindful that what we do benefits the kids who are either just trying to enjoy playing a sport or who someday may have the talent to make a career out of this great game. Yes, it is just a game. So do your best to ignore the “noise” that occasionally comes from coaches, spectators, and players.

            In preparation for the upcoming season please take the time to read the rules book for the level you will be officiating. If you officiate Federation Rules you can read the entire rules book in less time than it takes to cook a slice of rink pizza! There is no excuse for not knowing the rules. Develop simple habits to help you understand the different rules from different books. Q: How can you remember the four basic USA penalties that carry a minor & misconduct. A: BCCH; (Boarding, Checking From Behind, Charging, Head Contact). I learned that just by reading the penalty summary at the back of the book. Q: What are the basic criteria for the calling of a penalty? A: IPSO; (Injury Potential, Possession Change, Scoring Opportunity Denied, Obvious). I’m sure there are many more ways that you have devised to differentiate between rules books and I encourage you to share any of your tips at NIHOA’s website. You should also share your thoughts at your local chapter meetings. If you keeps your ideas to yourself rather than vocalize those to a larger group you are doing a disservice to your fellow officials. We should all strive this season to communicate more to our fellow officials as well as to become more open to adopting suggestions/advice from fellow officials.

    NIHOA continues to grow because officials such as yourself have dedicated time and effort to be the best that you can be. I encourage you to recruit and mentor younger officials. Our local chapters need more officials to cover the ever increasing workload. I also encourage all assigners to make sure you are giving new members as well as long time over-looked members a fair chance to succeed. Please offer these members a way to develop and become valuable members within their chapters. There are plenty of members out there who just need a chance.

         A key component of our membership is access to insurance coverage.  Our current policy in effect for this season increases coverage while lowering our costs and being under our projected budget.  It compares favorably to other sports officials plans. I highlight some of those key components on the following page and provide you with a copy of our insurance brochure.

           On behalf of the entire NIHOA national board, I hope to see many of you at our Annual Meeting on March 26th, 2016 in Albany NY.  Thank you for being a member of NIHOA and all the best for a safe and successful 2015-2016 season.

Best Regards,

Tom Murray

NIHOA National President - 2015-2017

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